Our 3 Reasons to Choose Quality Over Quantity

Okay, so you decide that your old furniture has reached it’s “sell by” date, and you’re thinking to yourself, “do we buy something which is going to last us a lifetime, or do we just get something cheap and cheerful, which we know we’ll have to replace in two or three years’ time?” There are many advantages to purchasing a quality couch and the rewards can last a lifetime. Here are our favourite 3 Reasons To Choose Quality Over Quantity when buying a sofa, lounge suite, or recliner.


There is nothing more comfortable than a well-loved family couch or recliner. If you’re looking to create a more cosy, home-like feeling then finding the perfect lounge suite is the first place to start. La-Z-Boy is one of the best furniture brands for a perfect blend of style and comfort and at Recliner House, we know all there is to know about La-Z-Boy comfort.

Whether you prefer leather or fabric, you won’t be short of choice when choosing the most comfortable La-Z-Boy furniture for your space and we’re always happy to help you choose something which is right for you. You might want something plush, form-fitting and oh-so relaxing for those ‘lounge-lizard’ moments after work and on weekend or you may be prepared to sacrifice some degree of comfort, in pursuit of something aesthetically pleasing… Either way, we can help.

Once you choose your sofa, recliner, or lounge suite furniture, the next step will be adding those extra comforting touches. This could be as simple as pairing a leather couch with linen cushions or using pops of colour to lift the look of a lighter fabric couch. We like to call this method, ‘adding texture’. The more texture you add to your space, the more homely and comfortable it will feel.


One material that is always classic, sophisticated, and always leaves an impression is beautiful leather. Nothing looks and feels as good as a quality leather sofa or lounge suite. It’s the perfect statement piece to bring a room together. Leather is known to be up to four times more durable than its fabric counterpart and modern tanning techniques have ensured leather has high resistance to cracking and sagging, as well as giving it a rich look, feel and smell. Good leather furniture, if looked after properly, can last you a lifetime, only getting suppler with age (like most of us)! It’s all about ageing gracefully and finding a well-loved statement piece to fill your room.

But with the new range of fabrics recently introduced by La-Z-Boy, the quality and range of fabrics have never been higher. All La-Z-Boy fabric furniture can be sealed with a protective treatment. This helps keep your luxurious new fabrics resistant to water and stains.


Creating timeless design within your home is easier than you think. Ensuring your furnishings will remain timeless comes down to a few simple elements: furniture choice, colour palettes, texture, and functionality.  You should aim to achieve a look that is enduring. No matter how many years may pass you by; classic and contemporary pieces will always be in vogue.

Neutral colour palettes have a strong presence in traditional home décor as they highlight the space without overpowering it. When designing your space to compliment the feel of your home and furniture, aim to work with neutral hues. Beige, grey, stone, white and off-white are always popular with interior designers, and for good reason. Incorporating these colours will create a warm and welcoming space. When working in a bright neutral room, colours such as dark brown, black, tanned colours and natural leathers work best.

The perfect finish is all about tying your furniture together through carefully added finishing details. Recliner House also specialises in beautiful statement pieces, to add that extra flair to your home. When you are ready to find the perfect living room arrangement for your home, we’d be delighted to help you choose from the Sunshine Coast’s widest range of La-Z-Boy sofas, recliners and room settings. You can view the range online here or visit us at the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre. We hope to see you in-store sometime soon.

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