Our 4-Step Recipe to a Great Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your house.  Your guests will spend the majority of their time in there, so shouldn’t it make the biggest impression? Just like a family recipe, here are our 4 steps to developing a living room worthy of praise.

Start with a base


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A rug is a foundation for an amazingly styled room.  It’s a great building block to start your colour scheme and tie your other, complimentary décor elements together.  Picking a rug is very personal, some people like the bright and eclectic; others a clean and neutral base.  It’s completely up to you and your style.

Add some stuffing

And for on the couch…Next up you need a couch for that all important relaxation time. While you can be bold and go for a colour on your couch, it’s usually best to stick to a fairly neutral hue and let the accessories add the colour for you – this way you can always change up your interior without the big ticket expense of a new couch.  When buying larger pieces of furniture, choosing high quality is always best.  This is especially true when it comes to your couch as you (and your family, friends etc.) are going to spend so much time on it.  A classic black leather couch, such as the Norscii 2 seater, will never go out of fashion and works with any interior styling.

Cushions are a great way to add colour, texture and style to any living room. Better yet – they are quick and affordable on any budget and can be replaced seasonally for a change to the look and feel of your room.

Don’t over spice

They say accessories for your home should be treated like jewellery; even though you love it all, you shouldn’t have everything on display at the same time. This can be overkill for the eyes and take away from the style you want to achieve in the room.  Less is more. A good rule of thumb in this regard is the 20% rule: only have 20% of your accessories on display at any time. This also means when you want a bit of a style change you will have things put away that you already love!

Add a little Garnish

Wall Hangings are another great way to add some extra texture, colour and pizzazz to your room.  It could be pictures, art, rugs or mounted collectables.  If you’re after a luxury aesthetic in the room, basically the bigger the better when it comes to wall hangings. Just be sure it doesn’t contrast too heavily with your overall style.

Using mirrors in your living room is not just an eye-catching accessory; it’s also a great way to fake space and makes your living room seem more open.

There you have it – you don’t need to let your living room bake at 180 for a few hours! Simply sit back and enjoy all of the rewards from your hard efforts. For more inspiration or even some complimentary ‘recipes’ for the perfect homely touches, visit Recliner House today and explore our showroom at Maroochydore Homemaker Centre – the ultimate destination for uncompromising comfort and quality.

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