7 Style Predictions For 2017: Embracing Natural Textures And Understated Luxury

In the world of interior design, we all know that style trends come and go, but you can’t go past the understated luxury and comfort of natural textures, authentic materials and a cosy corner. So forget all those clinical subway tiles, impersonal open plan living designs, and last year’s copper and marble accessories. Instead, start thinking of warm organic materials, such as fabulous terracotta tiles, soft cork floors and wonderful timbers. Don’t forget the rich rugs and sofa throws as well, all used to create much more defined and comfortable spaces in our homes this year.


Here are our 7 style predictions for 2017

  1. No more subway tiles

This is an interior design trend that was never going to last for long, because who wants their kitchen or bathroom to look like a public convenience? Of course there are some nice subway tiles available, but the design gurus say that in 2017, we will go for textures with a wall of feature tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms (even up to the ceiling), and geometric tiles or finger tiles for a breath of fresh air and understated luxury.


  1. Redefine your spaces

You might have noticed in all those reality shows on TV that many home owners are looking for properties that have veered away from the open plan concept, leaning more towards natural, defined living spaces.  Open plan designs can be too noisy and impersonal, suffering from a lack of privacy and cosy spots. So the style predictions for 2017 herald a return to cosy reading nooks, quiet study areas and separate rooms for dining and relaxation in our homes.



  1. Avoid marble and copper

These have been all the rage in interior design for the past few years, but marble and copper figurines, ornaments and accessories, as well as kitchen and bathroom fittings have worn out their welcome. Instead in 2017, the gurus tell us to think about the more unpolished look of steel and the complimentary earthy natural textures of wicker, timber and clay.



  1. Natural textures in the kitchen

Style predictions for 2017 say that we are moving away from the high gloss minimalistic kitchens into an environment that is a mix of industrial and organic. So think about polished concrete, timber cabinetry, matte finishes, large patterns and unique prints for splash backs, all aimed at offering the natural, organic feel of practicality and understated luxury.


  1. Digital free spaces

With our lives increasingly consumed by digital communications, having a spot that is free of these distractions is becoming more and more popular. Interior design gurus tell us to leave the big screen TV, computer and iPad in the main room and revel in the digital free luxury of picking up a good book and relaxing in peace and quiet in your home.



  1. Rich colours

We will see plenty of darker timbers, terracotta tiles and rich earthy tones in 2017, as people move away from light colours, pastels, open plan and minimalist living. People are looking once again for comfort, using their home as a haven and a sanctuary from our stressful lives. The richness of natural textures and organic materials helps to feed our soul, renewing our sense of self, bringing warmth and cosiness back into our lives.



  1. Earthy flooring materials

We are moving away from the glossy white and grey floor tiles, as they are too minimalist and clinical. Instead your style predictions for 2017 herald a return to earthy terracotta tiles, raw brickwork and cork tiles. All of these shout organic, natural textures, which adds comfort, relaxation and an understated luxury to our lives.



The main focus of our interior design style predictions for 2017 is on comfort, quiet luxury and relaxation with a focus on earthy, natural and organic materials and textures.

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