Adding Warmth and Texture to Your Home

Winter is a comfy and cosy time when you get to indulge in rich foods, warm blankets and endless cups of tea. What’s better? It’s also the perfect time to give your interiors a warm and luscious winter update. No matter your interior style, our tips below will help you to add that special and inviting winter touch to your interiors that will have you reluctant to leave the house.


A warm colour scheme

Winter is renowned for warm, deep and rich colour schemes, including reds, oranges, deep blues and greens, as well as earthy tones that create a certain cosiness inside your home. Our brains interpret warm colours as calming and intimate, immediately relaxing our senses.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to quickly and completely change the look of a room. Deep green hues on feature walls are leading the way in interior design this year, especially after the colour was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year. In smaller rooms, or rooms without a lot of natural light, painting in deep or dark colours can make a space feel smaller than it is. If this is the case, you will want to stick with neutral colours and leave it up to your accessories to add warmth to your interiors.


It’s all about texture

Using texture is one of the best ways to add warmth and a cosy atmosphere to your home. Coming in many forms, texture adds dimension and interest to any room. It appeals to our senses visually and physically; there’s no better feeling than running your hand over a fur (or faux fur) throw blanket or an eclectic textured wall hanging. Texture can be incorporated into your interiors through paint, artwork, rugs, tables, and anywhere you use fabrics. Aside from accessories, your lounge can be a great way to add texture all year around with styles such as the rich luxurious leather of the Clarkston setting or the Scandinavian style fabric Alina chair.

Texture can also be used to create a mood inside your room.  If you would like an indulgent and romantic ambience, stick with soft and fine fabrics in fur and silk.  If you’re after more of an industrial or masculine style, use hard textures such rustic metals and rich wood. As an added benefit, having textures in your home, especially wall hangings and comfy thick throws, absorbs sound and echoes throughout your home making your winter retreat even more peaceful and relaxing.


Light it up and dim it down

Lighting can create added ambience and an inviting atmosphere to a room, no matter the furnishings.  Whether it’s a table side lamp or your overhead fixtures, opt for low wattage rather than a traditional fluorescent tone. A warm glow and slinky shadows make for a soft and romantic feeling. Candles are a wonderful addition to your winter living room, but be sure not to leave them unattended when you go to bed or leave the house.


Updating your interiors with warm and inviting textures is perfect for those chilly winter nights spent on the couch or the candle-lit dinner parties with your friends and family. When you’re ready to create your warm winter sanctuary, we’d be delighted to help you choose from the Sunshine Coast’s widest range of La-Z-Boy sofas, recliners and room settings. You can view the range online here or visit us at the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre. We hope to see you in-store sometime soon.

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