Recliner House Supports Bloomhill Cancer Care Charity Auction Event

Recliner House is thrilled to be a part of the BloomHill cancer Care charity events on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October 2017. To contribute to this fantastic cause, we are donating several items to be auctioned off on the night.

This is a limited edition print, number 3 of 10, mounted on a stretcher frame and ready to hang, by notable artist Barry Novis. It features a portrait of John Lennon, together with the lyrics to his iconic song, “Imagine”. The original painting is valued at $20,000, while this limited edition print has an RRP of $895.

Barry’s works have been collected by a number of well-known celebrities, and he’s been commissioned by both the National Trust and the Cancer Trust UK to produce works. His works have sold and re-sold at London auction houses Bonham’s and Christies. We’re delighted to feature Barry’s work in our shop. Barry now resides on the Sunshine Coast.

“Imagine”, by Barry Novis


Also being donated is a “Mini Dogman” in black, and a “Mini Rabbitgirl” in white, by notable Archibald Prize finalists Gillie and Marc. They sculptures retail at $220 each. See their website for more details:

Recliner House is the only La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery on the Sunshine Coast. In addition to the widest range of La-Z-Boy furniture on the Coast, we stock an eclectic range of quirky giftware, artwork and statement pieces at prices to suit all pockets.

We are looking forward to a wonderful night and hope to see a large attendance in support of this great charity.








Your Chance to win a stylish ‘Chicago’ armchair

For your chance to win the stylish Chicago armchair valued at $1,049.00 head to our Facebook page today!   

Simply head to our Facebook page, enter the competition and like our page for your chance to win this fantastic prize.

Remember – the more you share the more chances you have to win – Good luck!





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There is no fee involved to enter this contest. The prize on offer is the ‘Chicago’ armchair, valued at $1,049.00. The prize on offer has been supplied by Recliner House. The prize does not include cost to deliver. The price must be collected from our Maroochydore store or delivered at the winner’s expense. Images used are for display purposes only, prize only includes armchair.

Eligibility for entering this contest:

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Adding Warmth and Texture to Your Home

Winter is a comfy and cosy time when you get to indulge in rich foods, warm blankets and endless cups of tea. What’s better? It’s also the perfect time to give your interiors a warm and luscious winter update. No matter your interior style, our tips below will help you to add that special and inviting winter touch to your interiors that will have you reluctant to leave the house.


A warm colour scheme

Winter is renowned for warm, deep and rich colour schemes, including reds, oranges, deep blues and greens, as well as earthy tones that create a certain cosiness inside your home. Our brains interpret warm colours as calming and intimate, immediately relaxing our senses.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to quickly and completely change the look of a room. Deep green hues on feature walls are leading the way in interior design this year, especially after the colour was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year. In smaller rooms, or rooms without a lot of natural light, painting in deep or dark colours can make a space feel smaller than it is. If this is the case, you will want to stick with neutral colours and leave it up to your accessories to add warmth to your interiors.


It’s all about texture

Using texture is one of the best ways to add warmth and a cosy atmosphere to your home. Coming in many forms, texture adds dimension and interest to any room. It appeals to our senses visually and physically; there’s no better feeling than running your hand over a fur (or faux fur) throw blanket or an eclectic textured wall hanging. Texture can be incorporated into your interiors through paint, artwork, rugs, tables, and anywhere you use fabrics. Aside from accessories, your lounge can be a great way to add texture all year around with styles such as the rich luxurious leather of the Clarkston setting or the Scandinavian style fabric Alina chair.

Texture can also be used to create a mood inside your room.  If you would like an indulgent and romantic ambience, stick with soft and fine fabrics in fur and silk.  If you’re after more of an industrial or masculine style, use hard textures such rustic metals and rich wood. As an added benefit, having textures in your home, especially wall hangings and comfy thick throws, absorbs sound and echoes throughout your home making your winter retreat even more peaceful and relaxing.


Light it up and dim it down

Lighting can create added ambience and an inviting atmosphere to a room, no matter the furnishings.  Whether it’s a table side lamp or your overhead fixtures, opt for low wattage rather than a traditional fluorescent tone. A warm glow and slinky shadows make for a soft and romantic feeling. Candles are a wonderful addition to your winter living room, but be sure not to leave them unattended when you go to bed or leave the house.


Updating your interiors with warm and inviting textures is perfect for those chilly winter nights spent on the couch or the candle-lit dinner parties with your friends and family. When you’re ready to create your warm winter sanctuary, we’d be delighted to help you choose from the Sunshine Coast’s widest range of La-Z-Boy sofas, recliners and room settings. You can view the range online here or visit us at the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre. We hope to see you in-store sometime soon.


Our 3 Reasons to Choose Quality Over Quantity

Okay, so you decide that your old furniture has reached it’s “sell by” date, and you’re thinking to yourself, “do we buy something which is going to last us a lifetime, or do we just get something cheap and cheerful, which we know we’ll have to replace in two or three years’ time?” There are many advantages to purchasing a quality couch and the rewards can last a lifetime. Here are our favourite 3 Reasons To Choose Quality Over Quantity when buying a sofa, lounge suite, or recliner.


There is nothing more comfortable than a well-loved family couch or recliner. If you’re looking to create a more cosy, home-like feeling then finding the perfect lounge suite is the first place to start. La-Z-Boy is one of the best furniture brands for a perfect blend of style and comfort and at Recliner House, we know all there is to know about La-Z-Boy comfort.

Whether you prefer leather or fabric, you won’t be short of choice when choosing the most comfortable La-Z-Boy furniture for your space and we’re always happy to help you choose something which is right for you. You might want something plush, form-fitting and oh-so relaxing for those ‘lounge-lizard’ moments after work and on weekend or you may be prepared to sacrifice some degree of comfort, in pursuit of something aesthetically pleasing… Either way, we can help.

Once you choose your sofa, recliner, or lounge suite furniture, the next step will be adding those extra comforting touches. This could be as simple as pairing a leather couch with linen cushions or using pops of colour to lift the look of a lighter fabric couch. We like to call this method, ‘adding texture’. The more texture you add to your space, the more homely and comfortable it will feel.


One material that is always classic, sophisticated, and always leaves an impression is beautiful leather. Nothing looks and feels as good as a quality leather sofa or lounge suite. It’s the perfect statement piece to bring a room together. Leather is known to be up to four times more durable than its fabric counterpart and modern tanning techniques have ensured leather has high resistance to cracking and sagging, as well as giving it a rich look, feel and smell. Good leather furniture, if looked after properly, can last you a lifetime, only getting suppler with age (like most of us)! It’s all about ageing gracefully and finding a well-loved statement piece to fill your room.

But with the new range of fabrics recently introduced by La-Z-Boy, the quality and range of fabrics have never been higher. All La-Z-Boy fabric furniture can be sealed with a protective treatment. This helps keep your luxurious new fabrics resistant to water and stains.


Creating timeless design within your home is easier than you think. Ensuring your furnishings will remain timeless comes down to a few simple elements: furniture choice, colour palettes, texture, and functionality.  You should aim to achieve a look that is enduring. No matter how many years may pass you by; classic and contemporary pieces will always be in vogue.

Neutral colour palettes have a strong presence in traditional home décor as they highlight the space without overpowering it. When designing your space to compliment the feel of your home and furniture, aim to work with neutral hues. Beige, grey, stone, white and off-white are always popular with interior designers, and for good reason. Incorporating these colours will create a warm and welcoming space. When working in a bright neutral room, colours such as dark brown, black, tanned colours and natural leathers work best.

The perfect finish is all about tying your furniture together through carefully added finishing details. Recliner House also specialises in beautiful statement pieces, to add that extra flair to your home. When you are ready to find the perfect living room arrangement for your home, we’d be delighted to help you choose from the Sunshine Coast’s widest range of La-Z-Boy sofas, recliners and room settings. You can view the range online here or visit us at the Maroochydore Homemaker Centre. We hope to see you in-store sometime soon.


Our 4-Step Recipe to a Great Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your house.  Your guests will spend the majority of their time in there, so shouldn’t it make the biggest impression? Just like a family recipe, here are our 4 steps to developing a living room worthy of praise.

Start with a base


Eclectic trends, Pinterest

A rug is a foundation for an amazingly styled room.  It’s a great building block to start your colour scheme and tie your other, complimentary décor elements together.  Picking a rug is very personal, some people like the bright and eclectic; others a clean and neutral base.  It’s completely up to you and your style.

Add some stuffing

And for on the couch…Next up you need a couch for that all important relaxation time. While you can be bold and go for a colour on your couch, it’s usually best to stick to a fairly neutral hue and let the accessories add the colour for you – this way you can always change up your interior without the big ticket expense of a new couch.  When buying larger pieces of furniture, choosing high quality is always best.  This is especially true when it comes to your couch as you (and your family, friends etc.) are going to spend so much time on it.  A classic black leather couch, such as the Norscii 2 seater, will never go out of fashion and works with any interior styling.

Cushions are a great way to add colour, texture and style to any living room. Better yet – they are quick and affordable on any budget and can be replaced seasonally for a change to the look and feel of your room.

Don’t over spice

They say accessories for your home should be treated like jewellery; even though you love it all, you shouldn’t have everything on display at the same time. This can be overkill for the eyes and take away from the style you want to achieve in the room.  Less is more. A good rule of thumb in this regard is the 20% rule: only have 20% of your accessories on display at any time. This also means when you want a bit of a style change you will have things put away that you already love!

Add a little Garnish

Wall Hangings are another great way to add some extra texture, colour and pizzazz to your room.  It could be pictures, art, rugs or mounted collectables.  If you’re after a luxury aesthetic in the room, basically the bigger the better when it comes to wall hangings. Just be sure it doesn’t contrast too heavily with your overall style.

Using mirrors in your living room is not just an eye-catching accessory; it’s also a great way to fake space and makes your living room seem more open.

There you have it – you don’t need to let your living room bake at 180 for a few hours! Simply sit back and enjoy all of the rewards from your hard efforts. For more inspiration or even some complimentary ‘recipes’ for the perfect homely touches, visit Recliner House today and explore our showroom at Maroochydore Homemaker Centre – the ultimate destination for uncompromising comfort and quality.

living green - plants various

Living Green: Keeping Your Indoor Plants Alive


Having generous amounts of greenery in our homes is all the rage at the moment, and we all seem to agree; green is good.

The popularity of the colour comes as experts at Pantone released ‘Kale’ as the colour of 2017.  ‘Kale’ is certainly a surprise to all the designers out there – it has been many years since a solid and deep green colour has been released within the Top 10. But what a gorgeous colour! Rich, velvety, and works perfectly with the dark timbers. It’s old fashioned yet luxurious. Understated yet sophisticated, pairing extremely well with metallic embellishments (copper, polished steel, silver and gold).

As an extension to the colour of the year, indoor gardens are also making a comeback. Wonderful and fresh pot plants like jade money trees and ferns provide an extra element to an already luxurious indoor space. The idea of indoor-outdoor living is quickly taking hold and these plants will make your home feel like a leafy green oasis.

To keep the green vibes flowing (or growing), we have compiled our tips for keeping those luscious greens healthy:

 Don’t get water happy

Knowing how much water your plant needs is vital to keeping them happy.  Too little or too much water can make them lose their leaves and damage them beyond repair, making them more of an eyesore for your interior.  A good indication that your plant needs a drink is by pushing your finger a few centimeters into the soil. The soil should be moist but not saturated, if it’s dry, give it some water.


Most people assume the holes in the bottom of your pot are sufficient drainage for your plant. It isn’t. To keep your plant at its best, actual rocks or drainage material is necessary. If the water doesn’t have anywhere to go, you are basically drowning your plant and causing its roots to rot

Let there be light

Pay attention to your plants lighting needs as some are more precious than others. When you purchase a plant, the information on the pot will tell you what you need to know; otherwise there is always the internet.  While typically, most plants prefer a nice sunny room to relax, it’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight, this can be too harsh and dehydrating for the plant.

If in doubt, go low maintenance

Some of us weren’t born with the green thumb gene, hence some high maintenance plants are best kept away from us (plant killers).  Luckily, there are still plenty of easy-to-please plants that will look amazing in our homes. Here are a couple:

  • The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautiful statement with luscious big green leaves. It can grow to 6ft. tall and only needs indirect sunlight and some water-love twice a week.
  • Lacking bright sunlight in your apartment? This one is for you. The Maidenhair Fern is used to the sheltered forest floor, so it stays nice and healthy despite the shade.
  • The Jade succulent is a resilient lady who can withstand some tough love. Great if you can be a little forgetful when it comes to watering!
  • Last but not least, we can’t forget the darling Aloe Vera plant. Not only do these guys require only the smallest amount of attention from you, they’re also there for you when you (or your sunburn) need them most!


Plants and greenery have added so much vibrancy to the latest in interior design, especially when the gorgeous green hues are contrasted with tones of timber for the perfect room balance. To complete the look of your living or dining, check out our range of beautiful and handcrafted accessories here or visit our showroom at Maroochydore Homemaker Centre today.


7 Style Predictions For 2017: Embracing Natural Textures And Understated Luxury

In the world of interior design, we all know that style trends come and go, but you can’t go past the understated luxury and comfort of natural textures, authentic materials and a cosy corner. So forget all those clinical subway tiles, impersonal open plan living designs, and last year’s copper and marble accessories. Instead, start thinking of warm organic materials, such as fabulous terracotta tiles, soft cork floors and wonderful timbers. Don’t forget the rich rugs and sofa throws as well, all used to create much more defined and comfortable spaces in our homes this year.


Here are our 7 style predictions for 2017

  1. No more subway tiles

This is an interior design trend that was never going to last for long, because who wants their kitchen or bathroom to look like a public convenience? Of course there are some nice subway tiles available, but the design gurus say that in 2017, we will go for textures with a wall of feature tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms (even up to the ceiling), and geometric tiles or finger tiles for a breath of fresh air and understated luxury.


  1. Redefine your spaces

You might have noticed in all those reality shows on TV that many home owners are looking for properties that have veered away from the open plan concept, leaning more towards natural, defined living spaces.  Open plan designs can be too noisy and impersonal, suffering from a lack of privacy and cosy spots. So the style predictions for 2017 herald a return to cosy reading nooks, quiet study areas and separate rooms for dining and relaxation in our homes.



  1. Avoid marble and copper

These have been all the rage in interior design for the past few years, but marble and copper figurines, ornaments and accessories, as well as kitchen and bathroom fittings have worn out their welcome. Instead in 2017, the gurus tell us to think about the more unpolished look of steel and the complimentary earthy natural textures of wicker, timber and clay.



  1. Natural textures in the kitchen

Style predictions for 2017 say that we are moving away from the high gloss minimalistic kitchens into an environment that is a mix of industrial and organic. So think about polished concrete, timber cabinetry, matte finishes, large patterns and unique prints for splash backs, all aimed at offering the natural, organic feel of practicality and understated luxury.


  1. Digital free spaces

With our lives increasingly consumed by digital communications, having a spot that is free of these distractions is becoming more and more popular. Interior design gurus tell us to leave the big screen TV, computer and iPad in the main room and revel in the digital free luxury of picking up a good book and relaxing in peace and quiet in your home.



  1. Rich colours

We will see plenty of darker timbers, terracotta tiles and rich earthy tones in 2017, as people move away from light colours, pastels, open plan and minimalist living. People are looking once again for comfort, using their home as a haven and a sanctuary from our stressful lives. The richness of natural textures and organic materials helps to feed our soul, renewing our sense of self, bringing warmth and cosiness back into our lives.



  1. Earthy flooring materials

We are moving away from the glossy white and grey floor tiles, as they are too minimalist and clinical. Instead your style predictions for 2017 herald a return to earthy terracotta tiles, raw brickwork and cork tiles. All of these shout organic, natural textures, which adds comfort, relaxation and an understated luxury to our lives.



The main focus of our interior design style predictions for 2017 is on comfort, quiet luxury and relaxation with a focus on earthy, natural and organic materials and textures.

For interior design tips or help selecting comfortable and relaxing furniture for your home, call Recliner House on 07 5443 6800 – the ultimate destination for uncompromising comfort and quality.