Bridie’s Story

In my career as an actor I have undertaken a number of roles in film, television and theatre and have also shot quite a few television commercials. You may remember me from television series such as “McLeod’s Daughters”, “Wild boys” and “Water Rats” to name but a few.

This year (2013), is a little different for me as I have agreed to take the role of “brand ambassador” in a campaign for LA-Z-BOY Furniture that will be highly visible in both Australia and New Zealand. It is not a decision I made lightly, as I will only lend my name to products or brands I believe have integrity. When first approached by the LA-Z-BOY marketing team I did my own investigation and was pleasantly surprised to learn about the pedigree of a company that commenced from humble beginnings in the USA in 1927. Today, it has grown to one of the world’s biggest furniture brands with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and comfort.

We recently completed filming in Auckland the first group of TV commercials which will re-launch the LA-Z-BOY brand. I worked closely with the creative and production people and must say I am very happy with the result our combined efforts have achieved.

Now that the TV commercials, web site and promotional material has come together, I can truly say I am proud to have been part of it all.

Over the coming years, I plan to work closely with the team from LA-Z-BOY to enhance the brand and offer a level of personal input into the designs, especially fabrics and coverings. For me the measure of my involvement will be quite personal; I want to help create furniture that I would be proud to have in my home.