Prescription Recline

Pain Relief

For the millions suffering from back pain at any given time, doctors have a surprising new suggestion for relief – your recliner. Seven out of 10 primary care physicians agree that sitting in a reclined position at home can help decrease back pain. And physicians tell us this because the full body support offered in a reclining chair or sofa – from the upper back down to your legs – relaxes surrounding muscles, ultimately taking tension away from the pain-ridden area.

The key to getting relief is elevating your legs. Eighty percent of doctors prefer for patients to sit with legs elevated up high and the back either partially or fully reclined.

Who can benefit? According to doctors, the types of back pain that may most be alleviated by sitting in a reclining position at home are muscle strain (77%); degenerative changes (61%) and pregnancy-associated back pain (60%).

And, La-Z-Boy reclining furniture is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for its back and lumbar support.

So for those with back pain, reclining now means more than just comfort – reclining can also mean relief.

Reclining Eases Stress

In today’s hectic world of go, go, go, many people aren’t taking the time to relax, and the result is a stressed-out society.

An overwhelming 94% of U.S. doctors say relaxation at home is important to relieve stress, and 96% of them agree that sitting at home in a reclined position promotes relaxation. (Maybe that’s why 3 out of 5 doctors own reclining furniture themselves!)

Since these doctors advise relaxing for about an hour each day as a way to reduce stress in conjunction with other healthy behaviours, maybe it’s time to make sure relaxing is a part of your healthy living plan. Go ahead, sit back and relax, doctor’s orders!