Room Measuring

We want to make sure what you select will, in fact, work inside your home. Following these steps will help you pick the appropriate furniture for the desired space.

Remember: measure twice and pick once.
1. Will It Fit In My Space?

Check the standard dimensions listed for the piece you are considering. Note all the numbers for width x depth x height (e.g., 3000mm W x 2200mm D x 1800mm” H). It’s also a good idea to consider the diagonal dimensions of the furniture you want. These measurements will be helpful when planning your space.

2. Will It Work In My Space?

Now it’s time to consider the measurements and decide if the piece you want is going to work. Will it block any entrances? Would another piece fill the space better? Designers recommend making paper cutouts that matches the width and depth of the furniture and place the pieces on the floor. Download our Room Grid to help you with room arrangements.

3. Is There Room To Manoeuvre?

Be sure to measure the entryways, doors, height clearances and stairways to make sure the piece you want can make it into the desired location. Also note obstacles such as, lights, railings, ceiling fans, etc. If the numbers look good, you’re ready to order. Stop in your local La-Z-Boy dealer and we’ll get started.