Caring for your Fabric La-Z-Boy

The secret to caring for your furniture is simple… Guardsman

La-Z-Boy is proud to endorse the Guardsman range of quality care products for all of our leather and fabric recliners, sofas and lift chairs, as well as warranty products for all of our fabric and leather furniture.

As a recognised expert in furniture care since 1915, Guardsman has been providing excellence in furniture care products and warranties world wide, with solutions for wood, leather and fabric. At Guardsman they are passionate about furniture care, and want to ensure their customers get the best enjoyment out of their investment.

All Guardsman products are available in La-Z-Boy stores across Australia.

To help take care of your furniture and keep it looking its best, follow our “How to Care Guide” below for easy to follow steps on how to clean and protect your furniture, as well as some handy tips to help you save time and money.


When it comes to fabric furniture, we know your favorite pieces can often be the victim of common everyday stains.

Rescue your upholstered furniture from even the toughest spills with Guardsman’s La-Z-Boy Fabric Care Kit. A simple 2 – step powerful stain remover system which eliminates even the most stubborn stains, including; ink and permanent marker from furniture and carpeting. The kit also includes fabric deodoriser to help eliminate common household odours.



Using Guardsman Fabric Cleaner Level 1

  • Apply directly onto a clean cloth and gently blot over the stain, repeatedlly until it disappears. Dont rub!
  • If the stain remains, use Level 2 Deep Fabric Cleaner, great for stubborn stains.

Using Guardsman Deep Cleaner Level 2

  • Apply Level 2 directly onto the stain. Dont rub!
  • Blot with a clean cloth to lift and remove the stain, repeating as needed until the stain is removed.
  • Once the stain is removed, blot the area with Level 1, applying it to a cleaning cloth.

Using Guardsman Fabric Deodoriser

Apply directly onto fabric with one to two sprays to the source of the odour. Dont saturate.


  • First test the products in a hidden area to ensure they are suitable for use on your furniture.
  • When cleaning spills, always start from the edges to prevent the stain from spreading
  • To help prevent ring formation, dry the area using a hair dryer or small fan on a cool setting, being careful not to overheat the fabric.
  • Blot spills as soon as they occur. Never rub aggressively.
  • Don’t use Level 2 on wood , silk or leather, if it does come into contact with wood or leather surfaces, immediatley wipe with water. Dont rub!

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*Please refer to the product warranty terms and conditions for details