Caring for your Leather La-Z-Boy

The secret to caring for your furniture is simple… Guardsman

La-Z-Boy is proud to endorse the Guardsman range of quality care products for all of our leather and fabric recliners, sofas and lift chairs, as well as warranty products for all of our fabric and leather furniture.

As a recognised expert in furniture care since 1915, Guardsman has been providing excellence in furniture care products and warranties world wide, with solutions for wood, leather and fabric. At Guardsman they are passionate about furniture care, and want to ensure their customers get the best enjoyment out of their investment.

All Guardsman products are available in La-Z-Boy stores across Australia.

To help take care of your furniture and keep it looking its best, follow our “How to Care Guide” below for easy to follow steps on how to clean and protect your furniture, as well as some handy tips to help you save time and money.


Leather is soft and supple, with its durability making it an ideal choice for everyday demands of family life. With proper care you can keep your leather furniture looking and feeling good for many years to come. Give your furniture the care it deserves with Guardsman’s La-Z-Boy Leather Care Kit.



Using Guardsman Leather Cleaner

  • Shake bottle and dampen sponge with cleaner
  • Squeeze sponge to form a light foam
  • Gently wipe the leather in a light, circular motion to clean. Dont rub!
  • Next, gently wipe dry with soft cloth

Using Guardsman Leather Protector

  • Shake bottle and dampen spong with protector
  • Apply to the leather in a light, curcular motion. Dont rub!
  • Wipe off excess liquid and allow leather to air dry


  • First test the product in a hidden area to ensure they are suitable for use on your  furniture.
  • Always protect your leather after you have cleaned it, as this will recreate an invisible barrier on the surface and help prevent stains and spills from penetrating and damaging the leather. Do NOT use general cleaning solutions or baby wipes as they can alter the appearance of the leather and remove the leather’s invisible barrier.
  • When removing ink and lipstick marks, dampen cloth with Guardsman Leather Cleaner and moisten stained area. Next gently wipe stain with Guardsman Ink Remover Wipes. Dont rub! The re-protect the area with Guardsman Leather Protector to give leather a soft supple feel.
  • Guardsman Ink Remover Wipes should only be used on finished and bonded leathers.
  • Ink on unfinished leather requires the assistance of an experienced leather repair technician. If you require a leather repair technician, Guardsman can help!
  • Clean and protect your leather 6 – 12 times a year, to prevent build up of dirt and oils.
  • Dust your leather furniture regularly, as dust can cause damage to your leather finish. For best results, try the Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth, it grabs and traps dust quickly!
  • Do NOT use Guardsman Leather Cleaner and Protector on suede and nubuck. We recommend Guardsman Fabric Protector for these finishes.
  • Never place your leather furniture near a heat source, such as fireplaces and heating vents, as they can dry out the leather.

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*Please refer to the product warranty terms and conditions for details