Caring for the timber on your La-Z-Boy

The secret to caring for your furniture is simple… Guardsman

La-Z-Boy is proud to endorse the Guardsman range of quality care products for all of our leather and fabric recliners, sofas and lift chairs, as well as warranty products for all of our fabric and leather furniture.

As a recognised expert in furniture care since 1915, Guardsman has been providing excellence in furniture care products and warranties world wide, with solutions for wood, leather and fabric. At Guardsman they are passionate about furniture care, and want to ensure their customers get the best enjoyment out of their investment.

All Guardsman products are available in La-Z-Boy stores across Australia.

To help take care of your furniture and keep it looking its best, follow our “How to Care Guide” below for easy to follow steps on how to clean and protect your furniture, as well as some handy tips to help you save time and money.


Give your wood furniture the finest possible care and protection it deserves, with Guardsman range of wood care products.

Keep your furniture looking fresh and clean with Guardsman Wood Cleaner, Polishes & Dusting Cloth. Great for finished or simulated wood furniture.

Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner is tough enough to remove grime and residues left by food, grease, and other furniture sprays. Enhance and preserve wood’s natural beauty with Guardsman Purifying Wood Polishes. Guardsman polishes contain no waxes, abrasives or silicones and leave no greasy film or build-up. Keep dust at bay with Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth. It grabs and traps dust quickly, a spray-less application that won’t scratch your furniture!

Use on furniture, blinds, appliances, auto interiors, cabinets and panelling, glass and mirrors, ceiling fans, walls and railings.



Using Guardsman Purifying Wood Cleaner

  • Shake bottle and dampen sponge with cleaner
  • Wipe in the direction of the wood grain


It is best to trap and remove as much dust as possible before applying furniture polish. As when you apply a dusting spray or polish directly to a dusty surface, dry abrasive particles transform into liquid sandpaper


Using Guardsman Purifying Wood Polish:

  • Shake can and spray onto a clean, soft cotton cloth.
  • Wipe in the direction of the wood grain


Always dust before applying wood furniture polish


Using Guardsman Ultimate Dusting Cloth:

  • Fold the cloth in half
  • Wipe in the direction of the wood grain
  • When cloth is completely soiled, hand wash it in lukewarm water with mild detergent and air dry


  • For a quick and simple way to pick up pet hair and dirt, place the cloth under a sweeper and glide it across wood or laminate floors
  • Ultimate Dusting Cloth is great for removing cobwebs also
  • Use on prized collectibles such as the family piano and accessories
  • Dust can damage your leather upholstered furniture so make sure you dust it regularly

Guardsman also offer some great solutions for wood furniture in need of touch-ups, with their DIY wood repair range of products to help you restore colour and make simple repairs to your furniture.

Restore colour to damaged areas including scratches, chips, and worn edges with Guardsman Wood Touch-Up Markers. Great for finished or simulated wood furniture. Quickly repair deep scratches, gouges and nail holes with Guardsman Wood Filler Sticks. Great for finished or simulated wood furniture, antiques, woodwork, picture frames, cabinets, counters, doors, floors, panelling and moulding. Quickly & easily remove stains, marks and rings from wood surfaces with Guardsman Water Ring and Mark Remover.


Using Guardsman Wood Touch-Up Markers:

  • Always begin using the light coloured marker
  • In the direction of the wood grain, lightly brush the felt tip over the area to be retouched
  • Immediately wipe with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess
  • Repeat as necessary, wiping off excess each time
  • If the initial result is too light, repeat the application process using the medium coloured Marker, followed by the dark coloured marker until desired result is achieved


Blend colours to get the shade you need.

Using Guardsman Wood Filler Sticks:
  • Select the filler stick that best matches the colour of your wood finish
  • Gently rub the tip of the filler stick across the damaged area until completely filled
  • Take care not to fill up the grain or pores of the wood around the repair area
  • Remove excess with a flexible, plastic straightedge or by gently buffing away with a paper towel or napkin


Blend colours to get the shade you need

Using Guardsman Water Ring and Mark Remover
  • Using light pressure, rub cloth along the grain of the wood until the blemish disappears
  • Return the cloth to the resealable package for future use
  • Do not wash cloth


Use on all types of finished, sealed wood surfaces and furniture including; painted, veneer and stained.

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*Please refer to the product warranty terms and conditions for details